Lis Kasper Bang spent a good deal of her youth in Cape Town as a model and getting her education as a makeup artist, and it was at this time she got interested in taking pictures. She has since then been seeking motives, that do more than reflect reality. The duality of her work is also a mirror of her course of life.

For 30 years as a trained and award winning make up-artist Lis Kasper Bang took her inspiration partly from her work in fashion, film, theatre and advertising, partly from experiences with people in her private life.

Since her first exhibition in 2005 she has been experimenting with different photo-techniques, focusing mainly on portraits.

Seeking the imperfect and what hides behind beauty has taken her on a journey, where she, alongside her work as one of DK’s finest make up-artists, is now also pursuing a career in art and photography.

‘Opposites interest me and it fascinates me that what is within us, often seems further away than what we can see’ she says.

‘When I worked as a make up-artist in film and theatre I often need to test different looks and makeup for the actors, and I took a lot of photos for documentation and that gave me the opportunity to experiment with portraits. And that has given me a lot of new ideas on how to create different images of faces and people.’